Dutch Thruster Group business experience survey

Dutch Thruster Group is continuously improving their business and communication strategy. Your valuable opinion about Dutch Thruster Group is therefore much appreciated.
Please tell us more about your business experience with us by answering below questions.
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01. How did you learn to know about Dutch Thruster Group?

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02. Which activity do you associate most with the Dutch Thruster Group?

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03. Which products do you associate Dutch Thruster Group B.V. most with?

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04. What do you like most about Dutch Thruster Group?

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05. What do you like least about Dutch Thruster Group?

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06. Thinking of similar products/services offered by other companies, how would you compare the Dutch Thruster Group B.V. product and services offered to you

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07. Please rate your level of satisfaction with Dutch Thruster Group B.V. for;


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Understanding of my needs

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08. What is your overall satisfaction rating with Dutch Thruster Group BV.?

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09. How likely are you to recommend our products and services to a client, friend or colleague?

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10. What suggestions do you have for Dutch Thruster Group which would help them to improve their business?

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Visiting address

Dutch Thruster Group BV
The Netherlands

T +31 880 31 8800

Typical applications

Mega yachts
Merchant vessels
Passenger vessels
Offshore vessels
Support vessels
Marine vessels
Coast guard vessels