• who-dutch-thruster-groupThe Dutch Thruster Group BV is your propulsion partner.

    We combine 30 years of expertise in mechanical drive systems, engineering and project management in the marine-, military- and offshore industry.

  • whatDutch Thruster Group is your one stop shop for thruster systems meant for propelling, maneuvering, mooring and positioning. In addition we supply stabilizers, generator sets, conventional drive systems and PTO's. All products can be "Configured to Order", are of commercial grade and meet all class requirements.

  • whereThe Dutch Thruster Group was established in 2007 in Rotterdam the main port of Europe. Our Head office is located in Numansdorp, 20 km south of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our local representatives are present on six continents and in a growing number of countries.
  • how...System integrator

    In collaboration with naval architects, ship owners, ship yards and suppliers we continuously develop our range of products.

    DTG staff is at your service from the initial design phase to onboard installation, ensuring flexible and professional support throughout your order.


Design philosophy
- High efficiency with the smallest possible propeller diameter
- Easy manoeuvring with dynamic power control
- Heavy duty bearings and gears
- Easy maintenance

Bearings and gears
The bearings have been calculated for a design life of a minimum of 30,000 hrs. Both drive and propeller shafts are supported in tapered roller and thrust bearings. The gears are of Klingelnberg Cyclo-palloid HPG SP design, meaning that the teeth are case hardened and finished with HPG cutting according to DIN 3965 Class 6/ AGMA Class 10-12. This to ensure very smooth running and high efficiency.

Gear housing
Are built from nodular cast iron housing and equipped with oversized shafts, bearings and gear-sets.

Power transmission
Our thrusters can directly be coupled to the drive of the prime mover. Power is transmitted via a single pair of bevel gears to the propeller. Thrust direction is reversed through an intermediate reverse gear on diesel applications or by reversing electric or hydraulic motor direction. The versatile thruster gearbox accepts either horizontal or vertical drive applications. This optimises prime mover location and ensures economical and space-saving installation.

Propeller design
The standard Kaplan propellers are designed for optimum thrust efficiency. The large blade area and shape keeps the cavitation volume low to minimise noise and achieve optimum comfort levels inside the boat.

High quality seals are fitted to the propeller shaft and pinion shaft to prevent water ingress and oil leakage. All seals can be replaced without dismantling the complete thruster unit.

Oil lubrication
The lubrication system consists of a header tank placed above the waterline to obtain overpressure in the system. From 90kW the oil system is provided with a manual pump for system oil changes without docking.

The aluminium mild steel or FRP tunnel section is reinforced and can be welded or laminated directly into the hull. For steel hulls a stainless steel liner (optional) is welded into the tunnel area of the propeller to prevent local erosion. We can provide specialist advice about tunnel location and entrance port design.

Control system
The control system has been specially developed to satisfy all Class requirements and meet the demands of modern ship owners. Being of modular design the control system can easily be updated from a simple set-up to a full joystick system with a VDR or DP interface.

Visiting address

Dutch Thruster Group BV
The Netherlands

T +31 880 31 8800

Typical applications

Mega yachts
Merchant vessels
Passenger vessels
Offshore vessels
Support vessels
Marine vessels
Coast guard vessels